The History

The origins

The Aja agricultural company was acquired in 1979 by the brothers Angelo and Ugo Contrino.

Coming from Milan, both engineers, they were left amazed by the extraordinary beauty of the places visited for professional reasons, they undertook a project that has fascinated and involved them for almost four decades.
At the time, the company only owned the edifices and vineyards, the cellar did not exist. With a great will to learn and the passion of planners/constructors, the two founding partners have structured in the course of the years a company featuring all the spaces and the necessary equipment for the production of a wine that has always been distinguished for its constant quality over the years.

The company has grown also thanks to the precious and irreplaceable work of trusted collaborators with great experience who follow, day by day, the birth and the evolution of a product that is increasingly appreciated and recognized, in a continuous search for qualitative improvement.

Giovanni Buzzegoli, 1980
Angelo Contrino, 1985
Ugo Contrino, 1983
Romano Buzzegoli, 1980
Ugo Contrino & Romano Buzzegoli, 2004
New generation: Chiara, Francesco, Margherita, 2004.