Our wine is based on the respect of the territory and the ancient traditions, a great heritage that we have to respect.
We take care of the vineyards and produce our wine with meticulous processes as the organic one, in a land where Sangiovese wine is king and offers one of its best and most appreciated expressions.

Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico DOCG Podere l’Aja represents the most natural and peculiar expression of Radda in Chianti territory. Bright ruby red color, full and long-lasting aroma with hints of red berry, Chianti Classico DOCG Podere l’Aja conjugates refinement and great drinkability.
Pair with red meats, cold cuts, sausages and strong mature cheeses.


The selection of the best grapes of our vineyards, the richest ones and the ones able to ensure a great longevity are used to create the Chianti Classico Riserva Podere l’Aja.
A wine with a great potential of aging, austere and sometimes morose with who does not know to wait for it, a wine aware that with it, the time is a “gentleman”.
The bouquet is rich with spicy and balsamic hints. At the taste it results balanced between strength and smoothness.
Pair with wild game and grilled meats.


Chianti Classico Podere l’Aja “Chielle” represents the highest expression of the typicality of our Chianti Classico It is named after our more ancient vineyard, planted in the 70s: just a little bit more than 1 hectare exposed to the sun in the morning at a height of 450m above sea level.
It is a wine of great complexity, structure and personality, elegant and harmonious, even though maintaining a pleasant freshness.
Pair with red meats, cold cuts, sausages and strong mature cheeses.


It is the due tribute to the two brothers who founded the farm, fathers of the current partners. A very exclusive wine with a limited production per year, it is the result of the union of Merlot and Sangiovese, both grapevines coming from our highest vineyard: Spanda, 5 hectars with a north orientation.
Deep ruby red color with slightly orange shades, deep aromas and refined velvety structure, the long fruity finish makes this sumptuous red wine a real pleasure to drink.


It is due homage to the two founding brothers of the company, fathers of the current members. Very exclusive wine with a limited annual edition. In the 2016 vintage there was a significant change in the genesis of this wine, the Sangiovese was released from the Merlot which until the 2015 vintage faithfully accompanied it, the vinification was assisted with much imagination: no bunch of the Sangiovese "chosen" di Spanda, a vineyard located at 600 m above sea level, was de-stemmed or crushed on arrival in the cellar.


Marmato IGT Toscana white: the Sangiovese without the skins!
Pale straw yellow in color, the nose is rich in white citrus and elder flowers. Fresh and mineral in the mouth, it enhances raw and fish dishes. Try it also on cold cuts and lightly matured cheeses.


The oil is produced with olives coming exclusively from the farm.
The olives are hand-picked and selected between November and December when they’re not completely ripe. They are sent to the pressing within 24 hours.
The cold pressing stands out the fruity and spicy aroma and the typical taste of Tuscan oil.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained is bottled without filtering and may produce, by natural effect, a light sediment.
Intense when young, with tendency to assume golden shades over the time. Fruity, vegetal, with obvious recalls to the artichoke scents; over the time, the initial spiciness evolves into a softer but strong, intense and persistent taste.