About us

Our location

Radda is situated right in the heart of the area where the "Lega del Chianti"' was established in 1200 as an anti-Florentine organization. The Chianti wine acquires its unique qualities from the clayey, marly soil in the area and the particular microclimate which evolved there.

The Estate

The property extends from the town's walls to cover an area of 24 hectares. 14 hectares are dedicated to the vineyard and 2 hectares to olive groves. The winery was extended and reconstructed in 2009 and can produce up to 100,000 bottles of wine a year. Alongside the modem stainless steel tanks, traditional oak casks are used for the important stages of ageing the wine.

The vines

Over the years, in addition to the originai vines surrounding the winery, others have been acquired in the Radda area (Val delle Corti, Spanda). This additional production helps to counteract loss of grapes due to bad weather or disease and helps to obtain a more balanced product. All the grapes used in production are home grown: 90% Sangiovese, 8% Merlot, 1% Colorino, and 1% Canaiolo. Starting from 2009 vintage we used 100% Sangiovese.

The Winery

The building is mostly new and it houses all the necessary equipment for high quality production. It is organized in two areas: one which houses ali the modem equipment for the first part of production and another area, with a more antique feel to it, where the wine ages in Slavonian oak casks until it reaches its optimum body.

Our wines

They could be none other than the area's traditional "Chianti Classico" which is marketed after two years and the "Reserve" which is aged for 3 years before considered ready for sale. An excellent Tuscan I.G.T. ("Querciarossa") is also prepared from the same grapes we use for the "Chianti Classico".

The "Consorzio del Chianti Classico"

Or in other words "our family". Since 1924, the association unites all local producers of this noble and antique wine, protecting the product with strict regulations. Chianti Classico can only be made with Sangiovese grapes (typical grape of centrai Italy) with the addition of a maximum of 20% local red grapes like Colorino or Ca­naiolo (the latter included in the 1840 regulations) and some foreign grapes. In order to assure highest quality, 1 hectare of Chianti Classico vines cannot produce more than 7.5 tons of grapes and each separate vine cannot produce more than 3kg of grapes! The vines cannot be used for production until they are 4 years old and the ageing is prolonged and worthy of a fine red: minimum of 10 months for Chianti and minimum of 2 years for the Reserve, which must be at least 12.5°.

This all results in a family of wines all sharing a ruby red colour, turning almost purple in the case of the Reserve, a delicate bouquet, harmonic flavour. dry taste which is slightly tannic.



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